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Timbo Sugarshow podcast

Dec 28, 2018

Fresh after the holidays we are joined by Logan, a homeless man from Arizona who was gracious enough to spend his time and story with us.  Thank you to our sponsor, @TheTerpHouse!  share, like, & subscribe! @sugarseanmt @timwelchmt

Dec 19, 2018

Sugar dares Tim to the cold plunge every night for a week, Tim gives Fortnite a try, and the two compare sleep patterns, diet , and addictions and fan questions! Enjoy!






Dec 12, 2018

In Episode 21 Timbo and Sugar Recap the weekends fights, Tim getting his blackbelt in BJJ, Sugar coming back to himself now that he's back training, getting drunk, stoicism book review, and a bunch of fan questions! Enjoy!


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Dec 5, 2018

In episode 20 Timbo and Sugar have on top UFC lightweight Drakkar Klose who face Bobby Green Dec. 15th on UFC on Fox, they talk about bringing, mindset, virginity, difference since being in the UFC and a ton of Fan questions! enjoy!



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Nov 28, 2018

In This episode Tim and Sugar recap there recent trips to Bahrain and Montana, along with recapping the fights/ MMA news, they talk about some of there stresses , and Fan Questions. enjoy.

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